Believe It! Las vegas Convention Recap

Hello from Believe Las Vegas

If any of the thousands of Vemma Brand Partners that descended on Caesars Palace wondered how “Belief” could change their lives – they left totally amazed at the power of Belief to help us achieve health, wealth, and personal fulfillment. Simply put, Belief gives us the incentive to “make things happen”. And there was plenty happening the first weekend in March – even for Las Vegas!
America’s Favorite Doctor, Dr. Mehmet Oz, kicked off the Welcome Reception with an animated discussion about the importance of Self Belief when it comes to good eating and exercise habits. He encouraged his audience to “take back control” of their health, then offered lots of great information and advice on how to start. He truly made everyone believe they could do it. As a special treat, Brand Partners who donated $200 or more to HealthCorps had their pictures taken with the dashing Dr.Oz!

Friday morning, the audience was wide awake and anxious to meet BK’s special guests. Flown in from all over the world, they shared their unique messages about how Belief changed their lives and the lives of those around them. Their stories had the audience laughing, crying and believing right along with them.
What followed raised the excitement level to fever pitch! BK and Simon introduced the super-powerful, smart and easy Vemma iPhone App, available for iPhones and iPads NOW at the Apple App Store (soon for Androids). Get yours at here.
Just when everyone thought the excitement had reached its peak, Chris and Heidi Powell took the stage to talk about Vemma’s groundbreaking new Vemma Bod•ē 12-Week Transformation Plan and super-effective product line. Their energy was contagious and, as one attendee said in the conference video: “After every session, we believed even more!” Watch for more news and updates from Chris and Heidi on the Vemma Bod•ē Program, coming soon.

After a much-needed rest, Saturday’s group was ready for the powerful insights of Mr. Darren Hardy – one of the most compelling speakers on the planet. Darren doesn’t just motivate, he explains how and why Vemma Brand Partners need to do certain things to accelerate their business success. Mr. Hardy also shared some of his struggles with Belief – and how he found that making slight adjustments in his attitude and habits helped him tap into that incredible force every day. And his audience could too!

Speaker alert!

b thereIf you want to learn more about how to turbo-charge your Vemma success with the power of Belief and smart business tactics, Darren Hardy will be at the Vemma Europe Believe Convention June 1-3 in Malmo, Sweden.
Tickets for Believe Malmo are selling like hotcakes so don’t delay!

After two days of transformational experiences and information sharing, the most powerful and inspiring event of all occurred Saturday night at the Vemma Achievement Awards, when more than 500 people crossed the stage to accept the praise and recognition they so deserved. Congratulations Vemma honorees!
Then BK took to the stage one final time, but rather than a sad good-bye, he had the crowd up and cheering as he talked about all the new products, programs, technologies, and opportunities coming in 2012! In fact, BK Believes this year may be the most successful in Vemma History. And every attendee of Believe 2012 heartily agreed!
Now are YOU ready to Believe? Malmo is Calling. And Vemma Europe is working non-stop to make it an event that will raise your spirits – and your commissions − to unparalleled heights.Register

Believe Convention Website is now on!

Believe Convention, Malmo 2012

Come to Malmo and BELIEVE! Not just for 1-3 June, but for the rest of your life! Because at this year’s Vemma Europe BELIEVE Convention you’re going to learn how BELIEF can tap into the hidden talents, courage, and genius bubbling just under the surface - and unleash the amazing Personal Potential that is YOU.
It’s a fact. Scientists and medical researchers are studying the effects of BELIEF on super achievers like Olympic athletes, millionaires, even monks! That’s why we’re dedicating our 2012 Convention to teaching YOU how to believe in yourself, your abilities, and your destiny. But YOU must take the first few steps and register. Then YOU must follow the practical advice and step-by-step you’ll receive from the world’s top experts on motivation and personal power.

b there

You’re going to be amazed at the transformation! Of course it’s still you, just MORE of you! Imagine what all those hidden talents and new skills will bring to your Vemma business – and your personal life. Imagine what you’d miss if you didn’t register?!
So come and learn exciting new ways to think and act and experiment with ideas like - how to attract visitors to your website, leverage 21st century marketing tools, network and socialize more effectively. After all, when you’re confident and empowered, everyone wants to know you!

Sound good? BELIEVE IT! Plus it’s ONLY EUR99 to attend so we expect a great response. Now the Malmo Arena is certainly big enough to hold the HUGE plans and HIGH energy of our 2012 Vemma Europe Convention. But space is limited so register early to grab the best possible seats!

Don’t delay! The 2012 Vemma Europe Convention in Malmo will give you the Power of Belief and the practical tools to learn more - and earn more!


Power of Y Recap


Thanks to YOU, the Power of Why Convention delivered MORE than anyone dreamed possible! The sheer energy of shared experiences and emotion was enough to light Milan for days and nights! But most of all, we’d like to thank each of you for participating on such a deep, personal level and for helping us bring our mission of “People helping people” home to our Brand Partner community.


We’re still in awe at how everyone from new Brand Partners to Vemma world leaders shared their “whys” – and business secrets – without hesitation. And we mean everyone – from new recruits to Success Guru Darren Hardy, top earners and trainers like Ruth Elliott and Tom Alkazin, Vemma Europe Leaders like Harald Maier and Anders Karlsson, and many more.

Now we know that when we share our wisdom, we “lift all ships” on our journey to financial freedom. Thank you again for sharing your Why, and for making this event so unforgettable – and valuable!

See you there!

5 reasons to attend "Power of Y"


Have you already made plans to attend the Vemma Europe 2011 Convention in Milan (June 3-5)?

If not, here are 5 reasons why you simply owe it to yourself to attend this transformational event:

1. Discover your “Whys” and “Hows”.

This will be a truly transformational event that will empower you, motivate you and give you all the tools you need to succeed in this business. Most of all, you’ll discover and fuel your “WHY”, and reach out for new heights.

2. Tap into Darren Hardy’s brain.

Our Keynote Speaker, Darren Hardy, is the Publisher of SUCCESS Magazine and mentors thousands of entrepreneurs on how to build leaders. This is information that could boost your networking and income potential 100-fold! Want to get a “sneak peak”? Listen to the recorded call with Darren Hardy, BK Boreyko and Simon Grabowski (English, German, Italian, Swedish languages).

3. Get world-class training.

Take your business to another level with inspiring and actionable training from top Vemma Leaders like Royal Ambassador Ruth Elliott, Royal Ambassador Tom Alkazin, Star Ambassador Harald Maier and other Vemma Elite leaders!

4. Meet BK Boreyko and Vemma corporate!

Listen to Vemma CEO/President BK Boreyko and Vemma Europe COO/Founder Simon Grabowski share their grand vision about Vemma and give you latest updates!

5. Have fun and enjoy Milan!

You’ll be thrilled with the entertainment program we have in store for you in Milan. We don’t want to spoil the surprise, but we can guarantee that it will be an unforgettable weekend filled with great fun, amazing entertainment. Oh, and did we mention the delicious Gala dinner prepared by top Italian chefs?
There is no better place for a transformational weekend than in the beautiful Milan, Italy! If its fashion, beauty and great cuisine are somehow not enough for you, check out these top 20 things you can do in Milan!

Don’t wait!

Book your ticket today. We’re almost out of the “Preferred Seats” and we are about to shut down preferred reservations and move to “General Access”. This is literally your last call to grab a “Preferred Seat” while they last.

So, get excited, get started, get your Milan tickets today, and get your team to do the same. You’ll be glad you did, and you’ll do the best thing for yourself and for your Vemma business.

See you in Milan!
Vemma Europe Team

Listen to Darren Hardy and BK LIVE!


Listen to Darren Hardy and BK Boreyko LIVE!

Reserve May 9th to join this pair of international business powerhouses as they discuss topics and activities planned for the power networking event of 2011 – the “Power of Why Convention” in beautiful Milan.

As you know, Darren’s our keynote speaker for the conference, and has been inspiring audiences with his “success principles” for more than 17 years. A self-made millionaire by 27, Darren mentors global corporations and thousands of entrepreneurs on how to build leaders in the people around you. This is information that could boost your networking and income potential 100-fold!

Global call with Darren Hardy and BK Boreyko is scheduled for Monday, 9th May.

17:00 (5 PM): London, Dublin, Canary Islands
18:00 (6 PM): Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Stockholm, Vienna, Zurich
19:00 (7 PM): Helsinki, Sofia

  1. Listen Live via the Web
    Click here to join, and follow on screen instructions.
  2. Listen Only via Phone
    Phone #: +1 712-432-1903
    Passcode: 92037#

Vemma Europe Team