We introduce Vemma Education!


Do you ever seek advice on how to build a successful, smooth-running Vemma business? Do you wonder how to help your Team answer all possible Vemma-related questions? If the answer to any is yes, let us introduce to you a tool like no other, designed especially to help you with all of this – Vemma Education.

Vemma Education is packed with useful information to boost your credibility and strengthen your skills.

During the course you can:

  • Learn the Vemma rules of conduct, to help you operate ethically and build a lasting business.
  • Gain expertise in Vemma products, so you can answer any question a prospect might ask you.
  • Discover the Vemma mission and your responsibilities as an Enroller, to inspire you to expand your business and reach your full potential.

And there’s much more, including information about health claims, compliance rules, marketing guidelines, and background about Vemma and the industry.

What’s in it for you?

This exciting program is well worth your time. The information is delivered in an easy-learning format: 7 online modules, including study materials and practice self-tests. After completing the modules, you’ll be directed to the Primary Certification Test to earn your Certificate of Completion and become an Officially Certified Vemma Affiliate.

We have over 1,000 Officially Certified Vemma Affiliates already. Now it’s your turn!

Go for the Gold is back — and more exciting than ever!


In the past 7 editions of Go for the Gold, more than 800 attendees took part in training sessions and networking opportunities. Many Vemma Elites launched their success stories at these fantastic weekend events.

Now Go for Gold is back in Europe and more exciting than ever. We invite you to Vemma Europe Home Office in Gdansk for a weekend of training, networking… and a lot of fun. We’ve transformed this event into a new Affiliate Certification Program, and you’ll be in our very first class!

What do you get when you qualify? You’ll start with a sneak peek at Vemma Europe HQ during an exclusive tour. Afterwards, you’ll have a blast with other qualifiers at an invitation-only welcome celebration. Then you’ll be our guest at a lavish dinner where your success will be recognized.

What’s more, you can bring your life partner to share the moment. The two of you will stay in luxury hotel accommodations for two nights — with all costs paid by Vemma!

You choose how to travel to Gdansk. Based on your qualification level, Vemma will add a special bonus to cover part of your travel expenses. The bonus is 150 EUR for Basic Qualification or 250 EUR for Enhanced Qualification. If you qualify at Supreme Qualification level, you’ll get FULL travel coverage! Life partners travel at their own expense.

What are you waiting for? Go for the Gold!

How to qualify?

Qualification period: week 37/2014 - 52/2014

Basic qualification

Hit Gold rank for the first time and maintain it in the consecutive Rank Advancement period while accruing 500 Balanced Team Bonus points on each side of your business for at least one RA Period.

Enhanced qualification

Hit Gold rank for the first time and then hit Diamond in the consecutive Rank Advancement period while accruing 500 Balanced Team Bonus points on each side of your business for at least one RA Period.

Supreme qualification

Hit Diamond rank for the first time and then maintain it in the consecutive Rank Advancement period while accruing 500 Balanced Team Bonus points on each side of your business for at least one RA Period.

Enroller qualification

Be "paid as" Gold or higher and help one of your personally enrolled Affiliates in your right team and one in your left team qualify for the Go for Gold event.

Detailed qualification rules coming soon.

Markus Stadlmann on how Premier Club can boost your Team’s Motivation.


Markus Stadlmann on how Premier Club can boost your Team’s Motivation.


To me, Vemma is more than just a product – it’s a LIFESTYLE!!! This is due to the fact that you can help other people to be more successful; financially as well as with regard to their health. And with the Vemma Premier Club car, people are naturally even more attracted to our business. Every time I drive to a meeting in this car it’s a real experience for me and I love sharing my story with other people.

Tip: the car is not only a real motivational boost for yourself but for the entire team – so step on the gas and reach your goals with this innovative company.


Watch Vemma Ambassador Brock Morton and Vemma Executive Affiliate Alaina Thomas at Verve Leadership Academy


Vemma Ambassador, Brock Morton

Watch now as Brock Morton from California gives his power talk on how a difficult financial situation was the best thing that could happen to him. “Bad stuff happens to everyone. It’s what you do about what happens, not what happens to you,” he says.

Vemma Executive Affiliate, Alaina Thomas

Watch now as Vemma Executive Affiliate Alaina Thomas gives her power talk on time management and setting priorities. “Some people like to say time is an issue. I don’t care who you are, where you are, or what you do. You have 24 hours in your day. So it’s not time,” Alaina says.

Watch Vemma Star Executive Shane Sullivan and Vemma Presidential Emily McCullah at Verve Leadership Academy


Vemma Star Executive Shane Sullivan and Vemma Presidential Emily McCullah discuss the power of the law of attraction and how to elevate your business.

Vemma Star Executive, Shane Sullivan

Watch now as Vemma Star Executive Shane Sullivan of Cleveland, Ohio presents how to take your business to the next level. Shane says, ‘Our Upline Royal Ambassador, Ruth Eliot always tells us: “You’re one person away from your business changing the way you want it to.” One Person.’

Vemma Presidential, Emily McCullah

Watch now as Vemma Presidential Affiliate Emily McCullah talks about the power of the law of attraction at the recent Verve Leadership Academy in Columbus, Ohio. Emily explains, “If you tell yourself that you’re going to be an Ambassador in Vemma – You are going to be an Ambassador. This is true because if you really believe it, your brain will know nothing else. The thing I learned at Vemma is that you can’t let logic control you. Albert Einstein said: “Logic will get you from A to Z but imagination will get you everywhere.”’

Verve Leadership Academy with Top #YPR Leaders

Vemma Ambassadors Patrick Comer and Darik Alexander from the U.S. teach how to stay positive, prospect like a pro and lead by example. Take part in the most inspiring business training sessions – Verve Leadership Academy — and elevate your business. Listen to the Leaders who know how to achieve big things in life.

Vemma Ambassador, Patrick Comer

Patrick lives in San Luis Obispo, California and gives a great lesson on effective prospecting. As a college student he would rather go to parties than write essays. This is where he learned the importance of networking. He says part of his success can be attributed to doing Vemma full time. “I made Vemma my Plan A. Since I started, I’ve cut out a lot of distractions that were getting in the way of success. The biggest obstacle to success was myself — being scared of the opportunity to make a lot of money, have a lot of success, or worrying about what people think of me. If you can’t become bigger than your problems, you can never succeed. You’ve got to figure out your problems.”

Vemma Ambassador, Darik Alexander

Darik is from the Pacific Northwest but travels throughout the country to work with members of his organization. He gives a powerful speech on being positive no matter what others say or do. “I complained, I thought something didn’t work, I was frustrated and I didn’t understand how to make this thing happen”, Darik tells about his tough beginnings in this business.

Watch Power Talks by Top #YPR Leaders - Verve Leadership Academy

Presidential Diego Avila, Presidential Nick Ptak and Star Presidential Felipe Gabriele from the U.S. give powerful speeches on Determination, Giving a Presentation and Taking Full Responsibility for Your Business. Take part in the most inspiring business training sessions – Verve Leadership Academy — and take your business to the next level. Listen to the Leaders who know how to achieve big things in life.

Presidential, Diego Avila
“When you face struggle, it humbles you to the point where you actually deserve success,” Diego says.

Diego Avila remembers tough times in Ohio, with both his parents unemployed. Diego’s father was exhausted every day after shoveling snow off driveways to earn a living. “He came home one day and his boots looked completely frozen,” Diego says. “His feet were so cold he could barely walk. I had to carry him to the bath tub to warm him up.” One day Diego made a decision that completely changed his life and the life of his family.  “My father was lying sick in bed because he was overcome from chemicals at a cleaning job he had picked up to try to earn a little money,” he said. “That was the day I said, ‘Dad, you don’t have to do this anymore.’” That was when he joined Vemma. After just fifteen months he has reached Presidential, and with his father now retired, he’s planning to buy a new house for his parents.  

Presidential, Nick Ptak
“Objection is just the lack of vision and lack of belief.”

Nick is extremely passionate about helping other people find belief in themselves to achieve their goals. He explains how belief and confidence can make you do things you have always wanted to do. He recalls the day when he asked himself: “Do I value being safe and comfortable or do I value stepping outside of my comfort zone and making it happen?” From then on, he has constantly raised the bar by stepping out his comfort zone. 
Star Presidential, Felipe Gabriele
 “I’m not telling you that it’s easy but I’m telling you that it’s absolutely worth it.”

Felipe gives an extremely motivating speech on taking a full responsibility for your business and making it happen. He tells those who are new to Vemma to be a lion. “Lions don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep. If you accept other people’s opinions, you will accept other people’s lifestyles. So know what you really want in life, write it down, have a strong and deep enough Why, and don’t let anyone who doesn’t have what you want deter you. Who you spend time with is who you become, so surround yourself with people who have what you want, or at least with people who are going where you want to go!”



Vemma App

Ever wished you could be in two places at once? Or have 8 more hours in your day? Well, we could probably build you a rocket pack, but instead we’ve come up with something MUCH better – a mini Vemma back office for your pocket! That’s right…it’s the Vemma App for iPhone (soon for Android) and it’s awesome! Unveiled by Vemma Europe COO Simon Grabowski at the Vemma Believe Convention March 2nd in Las Vegas, it brought the audience to their feet! At last, a way to monitor your cycles, stay on top of your emails, and respond to Vemma opportunities in real time.

This proprietary software would cost plenty on the retail market – but all existing and new Brand Partners can get it FREE right NOW at the Apple app store. And it’s soooo easy to use!

Check this out: the red circle on the app icon that normally shows the number of unread e-mails here shows the number of cycles. Cool, huh! And it refreshes automatically, so the next time you check your phone you may learn that you've just rank advanced based on the number of cycles needed. But…

How can it accelerate your Vemma Business?

  • Respond to questions and requests instantly
  • Enroll new Brand Partners on the fly
  • Review genealogy in seconds
  • Check rank and details, such as cycles reported
  • Review actionable steps to reach the next level
  • Check QV on each team and cycle per rank advancement period
  • Track Platinum Club qualifications
  • Increase productivity – and commissions − with 24/7 access to data

And much, much more! So grab yours now and add some rocket fuel to your business with the world’s only Vemma App for iPhone!

For questions or comments regarding Vemma app please contact us at support@vemma.eu

Believe Convention Website is now on!

Believe Convention, Malmo 2012

Come to Malmo and BELIEVE! Not just for 1-3 June, but for the rest of your life! Because at this year’s Vemma Europe BELIEVE Convention you’re going to learn how BELIEF can tap into the hidden talents, courage, and genius bubbling just under the surface - and unleash the amazing Personal Potential that is YOU.
It’s a fact. Scientists and medical researchers are studying the effects of BELIEF on super achievers like Olympic athletes, millionaires, even monks! That’s why we’re dedicating our 2012 Convention to teaching YOU how to believe in yourself, your abilities, and your destiny. But YOU must take the first few steps and register. Then YOU must follow the practical advice and step-by-step you’ll receive from the world’s top experts on motivation and personal power.

b there

You’re going to be amazed at the transformation! Of course it’s still you, just MORE of you! Imagine what all those hidden talents and new skills will bring to your Vemma business – and your personal life. Imagine what you’d miss if you didn’t register?!
So come and learn exciting new ways to think and act and experiment with ideas like - how to attract visitors to your website, leverage 21st century marketing tools, network and socialize more effectively. After all, when you’re confident and empowered, everyone wants to know you!

Sound good? BELIEVE IT! Plus it’s ONLY EUR99 to attend so we expect a great response. Now the Malmo Arena is certainly big enough to hold the HUGE plans and HIGH energy of our 2012 Vemma Europe Convention. But space is limited so register early to grab the best possible seats!

Don’t delay! The 2012 Vemma Europe Convention in Malmo will give you the Power of Belief and the practical tools to learn more - and earn more!


Go for the Gold Recap - Phoenix, Arizona


November 4 – 6, 2011 − Phoenix Arizona provided the perfect setting for the 2011 Go for the Gold Weekend Summit. From the bright desert sun to the smiling faces of over 200 attendees, Vemma Elite leaders and execs, it was the event to remember! BK, Karen and Lauren Boreyko and the entire Home Office team were the hosts, as attendees came from across North America as well as Vemma Europe to celebrate with the Vemma super-stars who met the Go for the Gold requirements.

Kudos to the US Team for creating a leadership and business-building retreat that combined extensive on-site training with pure fun and celebration! Go for the Gold attendees enjoyed complimentary transportation, airfare, meals and accommodations − and in-depth sessions by two of our top global leaders, Royal Ambassadors Ruth Elliott and Tom Alkazin, all designed to help them earn more Vemma “gold” in 2012! One attendee shared with our Vemma Europe representative how “fired up” she was about the experience:

“What an amazing opportunity to learn new ways of “throwing fuel on the fire" of your Vemma business! You can learn the secrets to success firsthand from the leaders in our industry. And being spoiled by BK and the fabulous VEMMA staff was incredible! It’s a MUST go to for everyone!"

Platinum, Sheri Edwards

Let the Festivities Begin!

The party started Friday night, as the Go for the Gold winners were greeted by the high-energy Vemma US staff and, as they approached Home Office, flashing cameras, throngs of reporters and mobs of hyped up Vemma employees, all straining for a peek at the arriving super stars. Then onto the gala Welcome Reception - exotic drinks, lavish food, more photos, fun - and networking of course!

"Big high fives to everyone at Home Office for the Go for Gold event! It was spectacular! Everyone is pumped and this is exactly what Vemma needed! You guys did an amazing job!"

Ambassador, Linda Proctor

After a sumptuous Saturday breakfast, the Go for the Gold winners were given a Golden Opportunity to learn the most advanced leadership practices and business insights from Vemma's two multi-million dollar earners, Tom Alkazin and Ruth Elliott. Attendees also sampled the new Vemma Bod-e line and received exclusive updates about this exciting program, the new Vemma incentives, the 2012 Convention - and how to grow faster than ever before.

Winding down? Not yet!

As dusk settled in, there was more excitement – and emotion – to come. The star-studded Recognition Dinner was truly inspirational. What struck many was the confidence that radiated from the winners – the knowledge that Diamond, Platinum, Star Platinum and even Executive ranks were all possible.

Sunday offered yet another surprise guaranteed to impress! Attendees enjoyed a special tour of the famous Vemma manufacturing plant. They listened in awe as their guide described the epic $5.5 million expansion plans underway to support the Verve and Bod-e brands.

What a perfect ending to this celebration...letting our valued Brand Partners know that no matter how far or how fast they want to grow, Vemma is right there with them:

“Thank you so much. We will cherish the time we had together and look forward to moving ahead and celebrating with you every step of the way!”

Golds, Meeka and Sean Caissie

Join us at the next GFG Weekend Summit!

We’d love to recognize your remarkable achievements at Vemma Europe’s upcoming Weekend Summits at the end of March and June! But you need to start working toward winning your place NOW! Here are the requirements: you must achieve Gold status during the qualifying period, maintain it for the following month along with becoming Momentum Bonus qualified. To reach the Gold level, a Brand Partner needs to cycle 10 times. You CAN do this! See the website for full details.