New Vemma Presidential shares her story in Dubrovnik


Ingrid Riegler

It was a warm afternoon on the Croatian coast at the 2011 Elite Leaders Retreat in beautiful Dubrovnik, and we were lucky enough to spend a few minutes talking to Ingrid Riegler, one of the newest Brand Partners to be honored for achieving Presidential rank. We weren’t sure how long we could hold her “captive”, so we dove right into her life story.

VE (Vemma Europe): Ingrid, Looking back on your life, can you see why Vemma became important to you?

IR (Ingrid Riegler): Yes, I’ve thought about that since reaching Presidential for the first time. I’ve always had a strong interest in people and wellness, so my “helper instinct” developed over time. I guess that’s why I didn’t take my parents’ advice and become an engineer or opera singer − and instead tried out for the role of moderator on a popular Austrian TV show for children called “An Dam Des”. Honestly, I think it was the magician that clinched it for me by getting the children in a good mood for my presentation! Happily, I was chosen to be part of the program, which I did for 24 years. I also developed a passion for live events, which allowed me to get even closer to people.
Staying healthy was always one of my goals, and I longed for a way to help others directly, on a more regular basis. As a single mom, I had little time to spend on my search, but I did learn a lot about alternative health and nutrition. That was something I could do every day for myself and my kids.

VE: So was there an event or need that led you to try Vemma?

IR: Absolutely there was a need. After leaving the show, I opened a practice that offered a cutting-edge light therapy and vibration/oscillation therapy, developed initially for space research. Our programs analyzed the waves in human cells to detect abnormalities, disease and other issues, while also looking at the mental health aspect.
I was also advising clients on how to achieve a healthy lifestyle and, as part of my research, discovered the Vemma Nutritional Program. I began recommending it to my clients, who were soon raving about the product. But I never dreamed of making a business out of Vemma! Quite the opposite. In fact, I was totally against it!

VE: What or who convinced you to finally become a Vemma Brand Partner?

IR: I’m glad you asked because someone did have an impact on my decision. You see, I was perfectly happy to use and recommend the product to help my clients. But Vemma Leader Peter Kriwetz (currently Vemma Star Presidential) took me aside one day and said that, thanks to my orders, I’d built a structure of 64 people! Peter was convinced that I was a “natural” and could become a leader in this business. And believe me, he didn't let it go easily! So gradually he wore me down (laughing). He explained how I could grow my Vemma downline and help more people achieve a healthier lifestyle, earn great commissions, and benefit from the support of the Vemma community. I realized that Vemma is a solid, reputable company with potential you usually only dream of − and the skepticism left for good. I had no more doubts and jumped in “with both feet”! Now I’m Presidential and pinching myself to make sure I’m not dreaming!

VE: So what’s your life like now Ingrid? Have you ever missed being a TV star?

IR: Not once. I’m very happy with Vemma. I can improve people’s lives and financial condition − and make a good living for my family. Who needs fame when you have that! Plus I’m able to help others achieve their dreams − that’s the best part. I’m not a power speaker or life coach or anything like that.
I just speak honestly to people about Vemma and my experiences and they seem to respond. And my secondary interest in technology helps my team work smarter and achieve even more. So I guess the “engineer” and the “actor” in me both found a home with Vemma. But I have to say, again, that’s it’s all about working with people who recognize the opportunity and take advantage of it to change their lives. That’s the best part of all!

VE: That’s certainly inspiring Ingrid. Perhaps you have a favorite motto or saying along those lines?

IR: Just that if you are sincere about helping people, success will come naturally. But never forget that you are here to serve others, so stay humble in what you're doing.

And these are not empty words we learned, sitting there with Ingrid. We listened as she hailed people on her team as being better than her in this or that − without saying a word about her own skills and qualities. What a unique person – beautiful, successful, yet truly humble business woman who leads by example. No wonder she was recently named a "Teambuilder of the Year" during Vemma Platinum Leaders Conference in Austria.
Thank you Ingrid, from all of us!