Vemma Europe Frenzy Bonus kicking off!


Vemma Europe is kicking off the Bod•ē launch with a brand new promotion! From 04.05.2012 through 27.12.2012, the Kickoff Frenzy Bonus promotion will pay you up to $200* per week for enrolling# three new Brand Partners and/or Preferred Customers with a minimum 120 reward point order and Auto-delivery** within the same volume week, as long as you have purchased a Silver or greater Builder Pack at any time in your Vemma history. You'll be eligible to earn this bonus once you make your purchase and enroll three people.* You can check out the Cycle Tracker in your Back Office to see your projected earnings. So put your positive energy to work for you. Get out there and tell everyone you know about the new Vemma Bod•ē line or any of the Vemma products. Get those orders rolling in!

Double Frenzy Bonus

Starting on Week 27, June 29, 2012, Vemma is rolling out the Double Frenzy Bonus - With this exciting program, Vemma Brand Partners can earn up to $400 when they enroll three (3) new qualifying Brand Partners within the same volume week. In order to qualify you for the bonus, each new Brand Partner must (1) - purchase a Builder Pack (Silver or greater); and (2) - sign up for a 120 reward point order Auto-delivery within the same volume week. You can earn a maximum of two shares per week, or up to $800. The amount of each share is dependent upon the number of people participating in the bonus program that week.

*Limit of up to two shares per Brand Partner per week. Click to view our official rules.


Kickoff Frenzy Bonus Promotion Frequently Asked Questions

When does this promotion launch and how long does it run?

The Kickoff Frenzy Bonus Promotion will officially launch on May 4th, 2012 and will run through December 27th, 2012.

How do I qualify for the Kickoff Frenzy Bonus Promotion?

Brand Partners who have a 120 QV Auto-delivery** and have purchased a Silver Builder Pack or greater are eligible for each week that they enroll# three new Brand Partners or Preferred Customers with a 120 QV Auto-delivery** product order in the same volume week.

What is the payout for this Bonus?

This promotion will pay out up to $200 per share, per account. There is a limit of two shares per account, per week.
For example: If a Brand Partner signs up three (3) new Brand Partners or Preferred Customers on a 120 QV Auto-delivery product order within one (1) volume week, they will earn up to $200 USD. If they sign up six (6) Brand Partners with a 120 QV Auto-delivery product order within one (1) volume week, they will earn up to $400 USD. If they sign up nine (9) Brand Partners with a 120 QV Auto-delivery product order within (1) volume week, the Brand Partner will still earn up to $400 USD.

Do I need to be Momentum Bonus qualified to earn this promotion?

No, being Momentum Bonus qualified is not a requirement to participate in this promotion

** For the countries below EUR 20,000 GDP per capita the requirement is still kept at 120QV.

#Only your personal enrollment counts - you need to be the Enroller of these new people